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Technical Information

Below are technical details for our hardwood products...



Timber and Structure

Selected timber sections are used for a combination of strength, durability, machining flexibility and an ability to accept a wide range of finishes. The hardwood timber is naturally resistant to wood rot and fungal attack and the natural oils present in the timber make it resistant to moisture penetration.


  • Moisture content – kiln dried to 12-14%

  • Strength (Young’s Modulus is a measure of elasticity; the higher the value the greater the strength) – 9300 (for comparison Brazilian Mahogany is 8600 and softwood 7300)

  • Specification conformance – hardwood to BS1186*

  • Framework dimensions – standard depth 70mm with 68mm wide mullion and projecting storm proof casements. Where flush walling is specified incorporating shot-in casements (often required for listed buildings) a 95mm deep framework with 68mm mullion is used

  • Roof wind and snow loading (where required) – satisfies BS6399*









                                                All of our timber comes from sustainable sources...